Feature request: more details in analytics

Blokada plus 5.16
Galaxy s21 plus

In analytics page, when you long press you have details allowing to block specific request or copy link.

Would it be possible to see what app is actually sending the request? This is good info it seems and could help blocking specific requests.

Thanks for your consideration and amazing work.


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You can often get that information by installing and running PCAPdroid, which sets up a VPN and captures packets as they fly past. But be aware that Android can use only one VPN at once, and so, while you’re running PCAPdroid, Blokada will be disabled.

Thanks for the input. Yes I know about this but I don’t want to stop Blokada and it seems (I’m no developer though) that blokada should already have this information just not publicly displaying it.

I might be wrong though but it would be a nice option to have as it could inform the user in case they might want to uninstall a particular app sending too many requests. Or just investigate. I like investigating those requests and often come up empty handed.

That’s very hard to do due to the fact that android doesn’t disclose which app connects to what domain anymore.
Such inspections aren’t possible on android anymore that easily.
Trust me: If there was a simple and secure solution that’d already be implemented. People ask for that a lot :slight_smile:

Oh I see. I thought it would be easier to do. Nah. Never mind.
Thanks for your reply!

Feel free to check our github if you’re interested in some more technical details. There are countless feature requests regarding this

Oh good!! Thanks!!

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