[Feature request] hide from all traffic

As seen on VPN services like NordVPN, where it hides you on local traffic.

TBH I’m not even sure how that works.

Also, would not complain if everything got set up for me to actually put blokada on the router itself… not sure I would really use it as it might leave everything a bit too restricted with the ad blocking not a finger tip away from turning off.

Blokada Plus already encrypts all your traffic. That’s basically hiding the contents of it from interested eyes on the Web

Encrypted is definitely the important part.

From how i understand the hide from local traffic though, it some how actually makes you invisible on the LAN. I can’t imagine while blocking all traffic not VPN something being accepted by malicious injection, I have spent bit too much time reading up since my security breach.

Its rather shocking TBH the lack of security on things like your home wifi that we use and trust every day.

One thing it could effect possibly would be if someone gained access and you were using bound MAC addresses etc. But, then I don’t think they would actually be workable while in such an invisible state.

A recent consideration to me has been “yeah it just some innocent irrelevant piece of information but,.when combined with something else what does it give/do?”

One of androids worst security flaws is based just on two permissions and its been shown to not even need to gain those permissions from the same app. Suddenly you are at a complete loss of control. A location history is pretty huge, but when applied to also have a device name, IP, MAC etc… you could be imitated at a usual spot to a pretty huge risk.

We always just run on the law of large numbers, it probably won’t happen to most so I’m unlikely. I Sadly don’t have that luck. If you said during the 5 minute nap I just had someone robbed fort knox with my t-shirt on, having used my credit card to buy the flight there I’d probably not even blink. Yeah sounds about right…:man_shrugging:t2:

Often we leave WPS on, a system rather easily breeched, and the ability to stream content and such without isolation.

Reviewing the invisible it seems more like it is just aps isolation set at VPN level(?) I wouldn’t mind d having it just on principle. Currently I have my router set to block l such traffic as a just in case (was bit shocked at not only the variety of things that can actually be injected i to various devices but, again the rather easy methods to get some of it happen.

An on device toggle would still be convenient

That’s something else.
It’s about hiding the device from local LAN device scans and not it’s traffic.
The traffic will still be seen.
Just encrypted.
And therefore the traffic is useless.

That’s incorrect.
You can reach anything using the mac address

No it doesn’t.
At least if you only provide this information on HTTPS websites. These connections are encrypted by default

That’s on you. No-one can turn it off for you

I agree. But honestly I didn’t even know mine was on by default.

Was a little shocked. My “managed router” didn’t mean anything ultimately… Iet them set it up and didn’t bother to adjust settings at all. Now… I dunno, I didn’t really feel its so much more secure but I at least know whats going on on it and monitor it. Its really not an excuse but working a 3rd shift, dog GF disabled family member etc. I just didn’t put the attention to it.

And yeah thats one and, everyone who does it. But we often think of these things rather backwards now and days and that I am not okay with.

“I have nothing to hide”
Faor enough, I’m actually not out here downloading plans to kill world leaders either. But, the fact is its actually governments responsibility to justify why they are looking.

"Its only a little ’
Well yes. But, I’ve never heard of a data SELLER. In fact its almost telling that the first item checking every privacy statement is that they won’t sell or rent your data. But number 4 or 5 on all of them is they may trade/exchange etc data to “provide you with the best service”. Its not a lie per se. But it damn well is. And by the time the BROKER that one data piece with another and another…
Cambridge Analytica used 500 data points steal a country.
It would be less upsetting if it served me at all but I notice my “customization service” On my phone had 0 impact when I turned it off. I noticed the Google Cant recover my account because they can’t verify my identity. So what Does it actually do for me and the answer is nothing so they don’t deserve a single data point for me whatsoever. Let alone the chance to combine them.

“Thats on you”
Those with the power to protect themselves have an obligation to protect those who can’t. Now I definitely understand if my internet provider had been like k we managed to ride her but all we do is the updates, the wps button is hidden on the back and we have it on by default. Definitely on me. But I worked as a locksmith for quite some years and, most people just don’t know. The entire sum of knowledge is beyond the reach of anyone person. Those who have taken the time to specialize inform themselves and have the knowledge while I don’t believe that they should force someone or just go around postilizing nonstop, should make a decent effort to make.those unaware more aware.

(Mad props to places like blokada here and, I’m now using signal on principle even though no friends do and, jumbo so far seems legit)

As for the invisible on lan… I’m not sure. I’d need to download and try out nordVPN to have any idea it seems.

Its kind of marketed like you are INVISIBLE on the LAN. Like I log into the router and there isn’t a device there. But, strangely a lack of details.
I believe it is nothing but ap isolation which creates within the router a VPN for each device preventing them from interacting on the same ssid. Which kind of makes me feel like invisible over lan is a lie that had I not been curious would be a selling point of false ideals.

That’s not going to happen. You just won’t be found by other devices on the same network which are performing scans for other devices within the network. Most routers can be set to deny these scans already though.

I didn’t say that. So what are you quoting there?

I didn’t say that either. What are you quoting there?

Not meant as a quote from you specifically a general response when I recommend a VPN or something now. I’ve been bit disappointed.

Yeah, my router has it as the setting “ap isolation” so I’d still be nice to have it at my drop down menu rather than. Loggong into router controls but not a needed function. Bit marketed and sold weirdly

You can hire a VPS and run your own VPN server. Or configure a Raspberry-Pi. Configure the firewall. Don’t forget to update your software regular (including OS), blocklistst. Setup your DNS server. Check the logs regularly. You may feel safe then.

It’s much easier to use Blokada and use their VPN. What matters is: who do you trust. And: which protocols being used.

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Yeah… And adjust a note I don’t ask questions and spend some time looking stuff up. Like to Actually have a pretty good video few country options that work well like Panama because they don’t have a required logging otherwise id have to log it and save it all up blah blah blah.
What is still 19% of timer 5 there is stuff floating around on the Internet considered strict liability it doesn’t matter if it’s one litw jpeg at the bottom. Of a page you never scrolled far enough to aee…having it on the logs would definitely be enough and, of all possible ways to have evidence against st you thats pretty speciam