Question around the VPN

Probably a strange question and sorry if the wrong area.

I’m subbed to Blokada Plus and use the London Gateway. Does this mean I can browse the web anonymously? E.g. if I go to a website can my ISP see I’ve gone to the website or just that I’ve connected to the Blokada Gateway?

Thanks in advance.

If your in Spain yet you use the London gateway the site you visit will see an IP address from London and not your original location wherever that may be.

Check this out to learn more :slight_smile:

Thank you my friend.

That answers the question.

This is correct as well. Also your ISP can’t even see if you’re browsing a website or something else (they could guess though depending on traffic patterns).
They can however see that you’re send traffic to Blokada, but we don’t have anything pointing to, they would need to cross-reference.

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