Android 13 OS Privacy DNS

So, I want to block google and samsung on OS by DNS rules, but I also need to have a VPN connection at the same time with a separate vendor. I tried using the private DNS function from android but I can’t bypass some apps like Youtube or Waze.
Cromite browser works because you can set a custom DNS only for it so it bypasses the Private DNS.
I also have a Work profile which needs to be set under the same DNS privacy rules.

TL:DR Need to have DNS Firewall and VPN at same time even for Work profile with the possibility of having another custom DNS (or Whitelist) for non-system apps like YT, waze, AuroraStore


I’m not sure I fully understand the issue here.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but you are looking to bypass/whitelist certain apps on Blokada 6 but can’t seem to find how.

If that’s the case, Blokada 6 doesn’t offer the feature to whitelist apps since all the filtering is done on a server and not on the device, thus it has no access to your device. This is certainly safer from a privacy perspective, but it restricts us from offering the whitelisting feature.

I hope that answers your question, but let me know

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