What do our users say about Blokada?

We are getting a lot of positive feedback from our community, which motivates us to keep improving the app. We would like to share some of the comments with you. We kept them anonymous.

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Blokada is the best thing ever happened to non rooted community.

But Blokada can be proud. Hats off and thanks for the great app. Must also be said.

I’ve spread the word about this to my whole family and all my friends. You guys ROCK!!!

Funny, the first three apps I installed on this phone when I got it a few months ago were: 1. Firefox, so I could install F-Droid, 2. F-Droid, so I could install Blokada, 3. Blokada

New version is really top. I like it very much. The best is the counter.

That’s right you really have to support the developers. They do very good work.

Happy now using it on phone. Blokada rules!

Long time blokada user here. it still is the best true blocking software I’ve ever used!!!

The app runs like clockwork. :slight_smile:

Strong, looks optically stylish. Classy made.

Congrats to Blokada for your powerful tool.

Nice to see Blokada working well on my the Note10. Glad to see there is even a special blokada switch on the drop down menu. Kudos Devs!!!

That’s sick, how many [ads] were blocked. Many thanks to the Blokada-Devs, that all of them have been spared to me.

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Blokada reviews from our Telegram channel (May 2020)

Apart from that I would also like to thank you for your good work with Blokada and especially the user support in the group!

Blokada works great for me and blocks a lot of advertising.

By the way I really like all the services and the vpn as well. I bought just the one month to test it, but I think I`ll go for more on my next purchase

By the way your ad-blocker is great.

Hey admins! I’m new here, I just want to thank you guys for the amazing service and application you’ve created. I am a long time user and really appreciate it.

Great app!!!

Thanks, blokada! I’m glad you’re existing.

Hello :+1::+1::+1: great job on the app

thanks for the great app

thanks for this wonderful application.

Blokada is by far my favorite piece of open source system utility that should, I personally feel, should be mandatory in every Android device

I don’t recall when I found out about the project

But since this phone isn’t rooted it’s really the only good solution available that’s open source that has nice user interface and a good community of support

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST :heart::heart:

hey guys, I just wanted to chime in to say I appreciate the free app a ton and use it all the time.

I’d like to thank all people taking part in this great app. You’re all doing a great job!

[The compliments are] well deserved.

Well it’s nice to read that you guys are considering it. When Blokada will have DoT or DoH integration and the mentioned feature it will be the most perfect app possible

Hi there. I am new to blokada and from a first glance at the app i am really impressed :+1: will check blokada out for a few days and if that beast proofs to be the real thing… I am going all the way :grin: vpn i am coming.

Hi i am your new user…let me say you app is superb…it works pretty well system wide…

Wow! Just installed Blokada and first impressions… impressed :ok_hand:

[standing ovations from another user]

Blokada is the best ad blocker

It’s a brilliant app overall

App works great for me.

Thanks for your great tool and effort!!!

Hi and thank you for a great app!

via PM: ‘Means a lot to have a such a responsive support team and punctual’

via PM: about in-app Support: ‘Really great support. Got in touch directly the next day and asked lots of questions. It was very good.’


Feedback from June 2020

Hey guys. I’m still loving this app on my phone, and with my Nvidia shield.

First off I want to thank the developers for this amazing work … My experience so far has been great no bugs at all just perfection…

I love how I can get a brand new, flagship phone (in fact, be the 432nd person to receive the phone), and immediately install blokada on it and basically never have ads ever again. I don’t have to wait for someone to crack the firmware so I can Root it, I just install, and poof. It works.

I love Blokada. Been loving it for years. Thank you.

Thanks for this ingenious app. I was looking for a mobile version for my pihole, because I don’t have a pihole in the mobile net and found this app. Within the next days I will send a donation to :pray:

Congratulations to the Blokada team on the iOS version and I am already using it on my iPad and iphone

Congrats for the Apple approval :+1:
Most of my family uses apple and I’m trying to get them on board…
Me… I love Android and it’s better with Blokada…

Congrats guys [on iOS launch]! Thanks for everything!

Hi! I’m enjoying Blokada immensely! :grin: My paid version is due to expire soon. How do I renew for another 6 months?

I love Blokada

Really appreciated blokada app it’s works like a champ

Just found out about Blokada about 3 days ago and used it to block ads and damn it works good

Great app…

Guys great work. I have been using blokada in IPad. Really great and I can see which app is logging at what time.:v::v:

I was very disappointed by myself… That i found Blokada app so late… Never have used such a usefull app BEFORE . Hats off to the team of BLOKADA

Bro I paid for [another app] for 2 years. I am just thankful that I found it[Blokada] this soon. Otherwise I would have taken the lifetime license

Excellent project here from the looks of it.

I like that’s it’s open source on F-Droid, doesn’t need root, and has many features

A little shout out to say thanks again for This great app… I have it on my OnePlus 6t, Nvidia shield, and my old LG… I paid for another month. though, I think I’ll go ahead and get the 12 month package after the end of this one…
I love the privacy and piece of mind…

thank you very much for your help and thank you all for making this wonderful app

I can hardly look at a device without an ad blocker, and blokada is the best without root, so I am glad to help


Gathered Feedback From The Last Few Month

Great app. Love it.

I absolutely love Blokada. I can’t picture my day to day without it.

Just a thanks for the flawless user experience
I use Blokada for 3 months now and just wanted to thank the devs for this great app that offer us privacy and a great user experience in the hazardous world of smartphones.
This app works flawless in the background without battery consumption or distractive notifications and does its job great. No annoying ads through the big brother fb app and many more.
Thanks again and I hope you keep the level of product and experience as high as possible.
Lastly wanted to share that using Blokada alongside with other great privacy oriented and/or open source apps in smartphones such as DuckDuckGo browser, Newpipe (youtube alternative app), FreeMail and many others you can find on FDroid app store make the whole Android experience less distractive and more private and controllable than the default.
Thanks to all these guys that keep caring about the right of freedom and privacy.

Thanks a lot for this great app Blokada team. Just found out about it and it’s amazing. It allows me to use apps I loved but were cluterred with ads… It’s a real breath of fresh air.

If I ever become rich I will buy Blokada devs a Ferrari each.

Nice app

Blokada keeps getting better and better!! :slight_smile:

Manually updated from inside the app and flawless as usual. Thank you! Just got the notification updated instantly. Hands down the best ad blocker.

Blokada is probably my most important and favorite app :slight_smile:

Thanks for your work and this nice app

Huge props to the dev and support of blokada. You guys are awesome

I Really Love This App Will Make A YouTube Video About This App!!!
thank you so much. Your helpful attitude is really refreshing. You got a fan here of not only of the app, but its whole team :slight_smile:

I have just discovered Blokada. And… I just love it :ok_hand:

I’m using blokada since 2 or 3 years and it is fantastic to see it becomes better and better. First with Samsung Galaxy S5, S7 and now on Xiaomi Mi 9T Pro (Android 10 / MIUI Global 12.0.1)

I’m new with Blokada and i like the philosophical concept of your work! I like the app too and the service of course! I will use it for a while, and then i’m thinking to make a donation! Keep up the good work!!!

WOW! I’ve only been using Blokada for 2 days and 6450 ads and trackers were blocked :ok_hand:t3::fire::fire::fire: awesome ad blocker

Hi guys, thank you all for the updates and the stability of Blokada

I was used lot of ads block apps but no one should works perfect…
But here now I’m using blokada n 2months really working perfect… and it’s awesome…
Hats off for ur work guys!!!
In this app the highlight thing is no root required… that’s awesome…!!

I do love the app

I’m in love with blokada it’s been 2 years.

This I have to say, without Blokada this Samsung device is unbearable. I am being bombed with advertisement now :joy: one only notices like this how strongly Blokada improves our life!
[some weeks later]
After three days of running time already 3000 ads blocked again and the Smart list has 92 rules again… it’s running! Life can be so beautiful…:joy::joy::sunglasses::sunglasses:

I’ve been using Blokada for quite a while now. Glad it blocks the Huawei crap. I’m sitting at 224,000 ads blocked since the install. This app really is underrated.

I :heart: Blokada .
All work good.

Blokada is one app which should be loaded on every android out there before any other app…After using blokada for a while, I can see the difference this app makes to my phone usage. Love the app. Cheers to development team.:blush:

Thank you for this app. It’s awesome

Hey guys! I am trying ios for the first time in a long time!
Thanks for your hard work, blokada is great!

Just discovered this app yesterday and I just want to say thank you to the developers. This hits so many areas of privacy i have been looking for in an app.

Thanks to the development team for this great project!

Hello and good day dear Blokada community.
On my “gaming cell phone” is currently running Blokada 5 on a trial basis. is very well done and intuitively very good to use. A great path that was taken there. All in all it runs very well.

:heart: love blokada v5, it’s awesome!
Awesome ping on Apex Legends PC

Huge reason why I love this app now. Lots of battery left with 3 hours of SOT so far.

Yeah, that app is brilliant and better with each version
I’m enjoying blokada since 6 months
And loving it :smiley:

I have been using Blokada for a long time now and I am really impressed!

v509 working very nice now, keep up the good work, well appreciated

To the creator: Thanks for creating blokada.
U rock!

By the way VPN works flawlessly. It’s nice to have both working (blocking ads and using vpn).

This app is AWESOME

Hi love the app!

To the developers: THANK YOU for releasing an iOS version of Blokada! This is the app I missed most when I migrated to iOS, and to top it off this is running on iOS 14 Beta 4!