What do our users say about Blokada?

We are getting a lot of positive feedback from our community, which motivates us to keep improving the app. We would like to share some of the comments with you. We kept them anonymous.

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Blokada is the best thing ever happened to non rooted community.

But Blokada can be proud. Hats off and thanks for the great app. Must also be said.

I’ve spread the word about this to my whole family and all my friends. You guys ROCK!!!

Funny, the first three apps I installed on this phone when I got it a few months ago were: 1. Firefox, so I could install F-Droid, 2. F-Droid, so I could install Blokada, 3. Blokada

New version is really top. I like it very much. The best is the counter.

That’s right you really have to support the developers. They do very good work.

Happy now using it on phone. Blokada rules!

Long time blokada user here. it still is the best true blocking software I’ve ever used!!!

The app runs like clockwork. :slight_smile:

Strong, looks optically stylish. Classy made.

Congrats to Blokada for your powerful tool.

Nice to see Blokada working well on my the Note10. Glad to see there is even a special blokada switch on the drop down menu. Kudos Devs!!!

That’s sick, how many [ads] were blocked. Many thanks to the Blokada-Devs, that all of them have been spared to me.

Blokada reviews from our Telegram channel (May 2020)

Apart from that I would also like to thank you for your good work with Blokada and especially the user support in the group!

Blokada works great for me and blocks a lot of advertising.

By the way I really like all the services and the vpn as well. I bought just the one month to test it, but I think I`ll go for more on my next purchase

By the way your ad-blocker is great.

Hey admins! I’m new here, I just want to thank you guys for the amazing service and application you’ve created. I am a long time user and really appreciate it.

Great app!!!

Thanks, blokada! I’m glad you’re existing.

Hello :+1::+1::+1: great job on the app

thanks for the great app

thanks for this wonderful application.

Blokada is by far my favorite piece of open source system utility that should, I personally feel, should be mandatory in every Android device

I don’t recall when I found out about the project

But since this phone isn’t rooted it’s really the only good solution available that’s open source that has nice user interface and a good community of support

YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST :heart::heart:

hey guys, I just wanted to chime in to say I appreciate the free app a ton and use it all the time.

I’d like to thank all people taking part in this great app. You’re all doing a great job!

[The compliments are] well deserved.

Well it’s nice to read that you guys are considering it. When Blokada will have DoT or DoH integration and the mentioned feature it will be the most perfect app possible

Hi there. I am new to blokada and from a first glance at the app i am really impressed :+1: will check blokada out for a few days and if that beast proofs to be the real thing… I am going all the way :grin: vpn i am coming.

Hi i am your new user…let me say you app is superb…it works pretty well system wide…

Wow! Just installed Blokada and first impressions… impressed :ok_hand:

[standing ovations from another user]

Blokada is the best ad blocker

It’s a brilliant app overall

App works great for me.

Thanks for your great tool and effort!!!

Hi and thank you for a great app!

via PM: ‘Means a lot to have a such a responsive support team and punctual’

via PM: about in-app Support: ‘Really great support. Got in touch directly the next day and asked lots of questions. It was very good.’

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