Why should I use Blokada?

There are many reasons why Blokada may be useful for you. Many of our users say that Blokada is one of the first apps they install on new devices. Here are some of the common advantages:

  • Block ads from apps, websites and games
  • Block tracking and malware sites
  • Unclutter your apps and websites from displaying ads to make them work faster
  • See where is your device sending data and block suspicious destinations
  • Change DNS for better Internet speed
  • Block access to unwanted websites
  • Use additional features of some DNS servers, like parental control
  • Protect your online traffic on untrusted networks (like public WiFi)
  • Change or hide your public IP
  • Unblock geo-restricted content
  • Change your geographical location

… and many more. Check our user’s comments to see what they say about Blokada.