How to reset "Activity" in Blokada 5

I am using the latest beta (5.6.0) on Android.

I would like to reset the “Activity” (history database, 2nd tab) without having to system-wipe the app settings completely as that would also make me lose by custom blocking entries.

Somehow, I seem to be unable to find an option to do reset the “Activity” log and the counter(s).

Is this implemented at all? If, can you give me a hint where to find the option? Maybe I am just too blind to find it…

Hello there! To my knowledge that feature has yet to in Blokada 5.x.

From 5.6

Dear Karol this option does not appear for me on latest beta channel

Please make sure you redownloaded from the homepage after last Friday.

On my beta of 5.6.0, this entry does not appear in the hamburger drop dow. However, there is next to the three dots, a trash can icon, which allows one to clear the activity list. This is on my tablet. On my phone, tge same thing doesn’t happen… on the phone, Clear is on the drop down. Both installs updated using beta download from a few minutes ago.

This is the Activity list on my tablet…

Clearly you’re not getting the newest app on your phone, maybe try uninstalling first.

This solved issue txs

Were you referring to me? If so, the app that I have installed on both the phone and tablet is the beta 5.6.0 version, downloaded earlier this morning (just to make sure I had the most recent).

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