Blokada 6 Cloud Activity Empty

I’m currently running a trial on Blokada Cloud. Downloaded through Google Play Store currently up to date (22.4.19) I’ve noticed that after a while the activity section will go blank and just display a message saying “Try using your device, and come back here later, to see where your device connects to.” The only way I have seen that resets this is to force stop the app and restart it over again.

To test if it was really because I hadn’t created any events for block ads, I used my phone as usual and where I would normally open pages (says news articles), it would continue to block ads, but activity page is still empty (the main home still updated how many ads are blocked IE: Blocked 500 ads and trackers would now be Blocked 550 ads and trackers) but the activity page was still blank.)

Currently Entries is set to “All Entries” but it does not show any of the blocked events. Again, the only way I have gotten to have the list to show up again is to force stop the app and re open.

There’s also devices filter in the Activity screen. Can you double check it’s set to “All devices” when that happens?

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