Activity tab question (blokada Cloud)

I’ve asked a similar question before, but was curious about the reason for the answer. My previous question was if its possible to block stuff not showing up in the activity tab, and the answer was no. I asked the question because the only things not being blocked by Cloud in the test linked in the “What is Blokada Cloud” post was the error trackers (sentries).
I’m wondering why those don’t show up in the activity tab, and what else might not show up? Pure curiosity

Well if you have a Blokada Cloud/Plus subscription and want to block entries manually the best way is to do it through the, but you can do it through the activity feed too and it’s easy too you just need to use the search tool in the top right to search for the domain you want to be blocked or allowed.

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This is what i mean, yes

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What browser is being used to test? It was not indicated by either of you.

I used duckduckgo when i tested

Very high chance that im doing something wrong but this is what happens for me,.
Tested using opera gx, trying to block
Uploading: Screenshot_20220707-061957_Blokada Cloud.jpg…

Screenshot not showing…

Yeah i have bad internet, it says its still uploading, but i just tested again and got 100%, not the 80% i got on the previous test. Are there any known factors that can cause inconsistencies?

After updating exceptions or changing blocklists, you need to close your browser and open it again (maybe wait a minute or two), and then run the test a second time. If you don’t change anything in Blokada settings I doubt there will be any inconsistencies.

Chrome, Async DNS features of different browsers etc.
A lot.
Most issues are chrome based and so are most browsers

I didn’t change anything between tests

Okay, so:
@positive is using blokada cloud
@GreggH is using blokada libre

That’s incredibly important to know since the services differ massively from one another.
Allow me to split this thread and create a new one for @GreggH

This is for GreggH now:

Let’s have a look at what the issue might be in this particular case:
You’ve tried the test site multiple times and received inconsistent results. This happened on blokada cloud. Cloud seems to miss error trackers in particular, right? Which browsers were you using? Chrome based browsers have a feature called “async dns” as of right now which probably still cannot be turned off anymore. The result of that is that if chrome cannot reach a specific site it’ll automatically opt to try to reach it again with
Let’s have a look at your blokada configuration. Which blocklists are you using?

Please check the video below, like @PrintableCharacter mentioned using Chrome might be the reason why you get inconsistent results and that’s most likely because of async DNS. The method I used in the video works 100% if done correctly, I did it through chrome and got consistent results even with Chrome, but to get more accurate results you can maybe try with another browser (the recommended is brave).

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I did not reply to you here.
I’ve created a dedicated thread for you since this user here is using cloud and you’re using v5

Please use the thread I created for you and stop replying here

Well this has been a trip but i think it can be summed up to “depends on the browser” and thats plenty an answer for me. Thank yall!

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