Exception is marked as allowed but is then blocked..?

Pictures explain themselves, is this a known issue?



A bug was fixed today related to this.
If you could try it again to see if things are working as expected?

Please note that only new requests will show up with the new status. “A few seconds ago” could still be before you added the exception :slight_smile:

Works now, and I made sure to wait a couple of minutes before testing again; thank you

Just kidding, same issues popping up again :frowning:

So the issue is that you will see blocked in most recent activity while having an allowed exception for this domain?

Which blocklists do you have active?


Here are the blocklists I currently have enabled

When using the same blocklists as you have, I can see that s.youtube.com gets blocked.
After adding it to exceptions by clicking the entry on the activity and “add”, I don’t see it as blocked for new requests after that. The behavior seems to be correct in my case.

Could you try to removing it from exceptions and add it again to see if it makes a difference?

Things seem to be fine now, the rollout must have been iffy

Follow up question, using the blokada cloud config on iOS, should my dns leak test show google and google cloud servers or blokada servers?

Yes, this is expected when using Blokada Cloud.
You can use Ad Blocker Test to verify that ad-blocking is indeed active

Awesome, thank you :slight_smile:

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