Blokada is blocking youtube vanced, and blokada help (in-app browser) - what's going on?

when i turn off blokada, i can access youtube vanced and this help forum (both wifi & data).

when i enable blockada, YT vanced and this help forum won’t load (both wifi and data).

im on Android, and downloaded the app from the blokada website. no custom ROM.

i have no other (additional) blocklists activated, and in the blocked/allowed log, the youtube/google related stuff are already allowed, so i can’t unblock it. im not seeing anything on the log where blokada might be blocking access to YT vanced or this knowledge base.

"## Webpage not available

The webpage at could not be loaded because:


^is the error message i get when i try to access this knowledge base with blokada enabled.

anyone have an idea what might be happening? i started today.

edit: most apps that connect to internet seems to have been blocked by blokada (no additional blocklists) - so i manually bypassed these apps, and now they work (blokada enabled).

i can’t manually bypass blokada, so i still cant access this knowledge base unless i deactivate blokada. it seems the app is being hypersensitive?

I had he same problem today. After trying multiple things, deactivating “Use DNS over HTTPS” (DoH) seemed to have helped. If this still does not help try a different DNS

Changing the dns should do already

We’ve had a small hickup with Blokada DNS yesterday. So you may have been experiencing problems because of this, but now it should be all working fine. Let me know if it persists.

the issue has been resolved, thank you

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