YouTube videos getting blocked from starting


I’m using Blokada v4.8.4 on my Android. I have YouTube Vanced installed and I know the problem is not related to Vanced, since when I turned off Blokada when that happen, the problem gets solved immediately.

I have noticed that when I start a video on YouTube Vanced, it generates a lot of random numbers requests on the Blokada host log (see screenshot attached below :point_down:). The problem, is that it seems I would need to whitelist all these random numbers requests in order to make the video works, but I can’t do that, as they are generated too fast and too often. It would requires me to whitelist every new request that is created every seconds. What happens then is that the video get stuck at the loading screen and keeps generating these random numbers requests every few second. Like I said previously, as soon as I stop Blokada, boum, the video start.

I have also noticed that it doesn’t block every video I’m trying to watch, but quite a few are getting blocked.

Is there anybody else that have noticed this?


Just a suggestion.
Have you tried another Youtube app like Newpipe?

Try disabling CName blocking and choose another blocklist

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