YouTube videos being blocked RESOLVED

akaMePs recently posted a closed topic about YouTube Vanced not loading videos due to Blokada. I was recently having the same issue with YouTube Vanced, Newpipe and Tubemate (I didn’t try the official YouTube app). I discovered this was being caused by the fact that I had enabled the YouTube Ad Blocker host list in Blokada. As soon as I disabled this, YouTube videos started loading fine.

Feel free to contact the list maintainer about this

Yeah, I have also noticed that I needed to turn off “smart list” to get rid of the problem. Once I turned it off, no more problems. This is a sad thing though, as “smart list” is a great feature that I like.

I have enabling smart list a couple times, but it never functions as I think it should. To my understanding it is supposed to work normally until 4 a.m. in the morning, when it’s will start only using the rules that you used during the day, vastly reducing the number of rules. However, when I have used it, it always seems to start blocking around only 17 rules right away and I am getting a lot of ads, so I eventually end up disabling it again.

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You can just ‘clean’ up the smart list. Then those false links should be excluded again:)