Should I use YouTube vanced

Since blokada doesn’t work with YouTube, I’ve been thinking of using vanced but I’m not sure about its legitimacy. So I thought I’d ask here. Nd also if I do decide to use it should I use an alt acc or using any acc shouldn’t cause any issues?
Thanks for your help.

Kind of off topic for these forums but I’ve been using Vanced for a few years. Seems ok to me but I don’t really have much info in my google account to steal anyway.
If you are worried just use a throwaway account to check things for yourself or don’t login at all, it can still be used anonymously.


Many people use YouTube vanced or Newpipe as YouTube alternatives-they are both safe.

I encourage you to go to @blokadaot on telegram with regards to the account issue. Many people there use Vanced regularly. I’m not sure, but I would use an alt account

Additionally, you can also try using the YouTube adblocker by Jerryn70 with the regular YouTube app. Please note that this adblocker has mixed results though.

Are there any open-source alternatives?

Newpipe is open source

Yea… But not being able to login kinda sucks
Vanced seems to have quite the user base so Ill try it out.
If there are any other alternatives, let me know.

To be honest I’m kind of new to this site and what not but I’m not here to judge and I don’t care if you I know you think differently because you’re allowed to do that but as being someone that edits videos for a friend of mine that is a content creator it’s hard enough for people like that to get by without apps like Vans store new pipe and I understand the ads can be annoying but I’m going to be honest before I was doing this I installed Vanced it’s a great piece of software the only thing I don’t like about it is that you have to have micro g running in the background constantly and unless you have a really badass you know tablet or phone it does slow it down new pipe is great and everything but it doesn’t have the option like vanced does to re-enable ads which is actually what I do but to each their own

So up to you I’m going to try this product the blokada and I sure hope to God that I can prevent it from filtering YouTube

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