[resolved] Blokada 5.2 , activity always blank!

Hi !

it’s now 2 days Blokada 5.2beta is installed on my POCO X3 NFC … and the activity windows is still empty…
i rebooted the phone… changed the restriction… VPN is ON… but still bug…

Just before i was on latest Blokaka 4 on Xiaomi Mi A1… and all was perfect !!

Phone : Xiaomi POCO X3 NFC
Android 10 QKQ1.200512.002
Miui : Global 12.0.2
Downloaded from : https://blokada.org/

Hello there, do you still see ads despite the activity menu being empty? Is the block counter on blokada’s main screen 0 or constantly remains at the same number?

Have you set Private DNS to OFF?

Is this only happening on version 5.2 beta or also on 5.1 stable?

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Just installed 5.1 to test… and some lines are added to activity… but not much… private DNS set to Auto… and ads are still present in any apps…
On main page : blocked 3 ads and trackers… Not moving…

Private DNS needs to be set to OFF not Automatic.

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You’re right ! Yes ! It’s working !
Excellent thx :+1:

Hi there… I had a similar problem with earlier v.5… try setting Private DNS to off. That took care of it for me. (My counter on the main screen is currently somewhere north of 35,000 ads blocked :hugs:)

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