Blokada Beta release: Blokada 6 Android

Hello Everyone,

We’re launching a new Beta test for the latest version of Blokada 6 and your help and input would be valuable to make this version perfect.

Here’s the link to join the beta:

Feel free to post any feedback below this thread.

P.S: this testing is limited to Blokada 6 on Android

Thank you,


I signed up for the beta but there is no install button. Is this limited to those who are already subscribers to Blokada 6? I’ve been running version 5 to date.


Hi, yes this testing is limited to Blokada 6 subscribers.

I have the beta version from 11/1/23. On the Activities page, I can no longer click on an allowed or blocked activity to manually add it to the allowed or blocked list. That was possible until now. Hope for a fix.

Thanks a lot! Can you share your log in DMs? Thanks

Received beta 23.4.14 today. Now I can tap on an activity again to put it in the blocked or allowed list. Thanks for the quick fix.

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Glad to hear!! Let us know if you notice anything else out of the usual.