How many Blokada files do I need to keep?

I’m using Blokada 4 within Android 6.0.1 in a stock Samsung Galaxy S5 and I’ve downloaded all Blokada updates from the Blokada site. When I search the phone for “Blokada,” I get a list of the following 6 files and their installation dates:

org.blokada.origin.alarm 24Dec2018
blokada-update-1.apk 30Dec2020
blokada-update-2.apk 15Feb2021
blokada-update-3.apk 4Mar2021
blokada-update-5.apk 15Aug2019
blokada-update.apk 12Dec2019

Do I really need to keep all these files on my phone, or if not, which ones can I safely delete?

As a related question, could the deletion of unneeded previous APK files possibly be incorporated into new Blokada updates to help keep our phones uncluttered?


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After installation, you don’t have to keep any apks. You can download the latest version of Blokada 4 off our website or older versions from our github page if you ever need to.

Blokada is an adblocker not a system cleaner/optimizer. It’s up to the user to keep their devices tidy.

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Thanks for clearing that up. It was precisely because I was trying to keep my phone tidy that I asked the question. :smile:

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