HELP] Can't connect a call using / matrix

Blokada 5.10.1
Oneplus 6t android 10 apk for android

I have element (matrix client) installed on two phones. I am using encrypted / croudflair for dns settings.
I tried on both home wifi and mobile data .

I can chat in text and connect fine in the app but as soon as I make a voice or video call the other person presses the accept call button and gets the message call connecting... but it never connects.

If I disable Blokada, I am able to make a call.

Please help.

Thank you.


I disabled all dns blacklists from blokada on both devices and element app will still not connec the call. No change.

I left VPN DNS set to cloudflair but turned of Encrypted DNS.
Still no change.
Blokada itself is blocking calls using (matrix)
Why??? What can I do?

Set VPN DNS to google with no encryption.
Still no changes.

I found that you can whitelist apps inside of Blokada.
I have whitelisted the element apk (set to bypass)

I can now make calls using element app (matrix)

thank you.

Yes. Whutelisting should work

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