Blokada Cloud DNS Stops Access to Visual Voicemail


I am on an Android 13 phone, a Xiaomi Mi11i with MIUI 14 OS.

I have used Blokada 5 for years, but decided to try Blokada Cloud downloaded from the official website to take advantage of greater VPN flexibility.

Unfortunately, when connected to a private DNS, my phone can no longer access my provider’s visual voicemail. As such, I switched back to Blokada 5.

I kept the same Blocklists, so I don’t think that is the issue. I attempted to switch them up to see if that would solve the issue, to no avail. The problem persists as long as I remain on a private DNS regardless of the connection type (WiFi or mobile network). The absence of an app whitelist limits my layman’s ability to resolve this myself.

I would like to use Blokada 6/cloud, so any assistance would be appreciated.

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Could you check if this might solve the issue?

Thanks for the answer. I’m on the road and will try the next time I am in front of a computer.

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