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I have Blokada full paid app. I have downloaded it from play store and the blokada website. I cant whitelist any apps. I have android 12, Samsung galaxy 22 Ultra and my service is with AT&T.

Before i had the full version, i was able to add apps to the whitelist, now i do not see an option. I really need to be able to add apps bc i cant without turning blokada off.

Also, it does not block ads on everything. Ads come in with games made by mobilityware.

It is also blocking all calls because they do not show up in the call log or show anywhere.

Since i have AT&T there is an app that contains a VPN, call blocking, and antivirus. I know it is not this app blocking the calls because it doesnt show any calls at all. I have turned that app off to test. It is blokada that is blocking the calls.

Please help.

If you are using Blokada 6 then whitelisting Apps is not possible.

If ads are not blocked you need to check your blocklists. If the ad domain is not in a list you have activated it wont be blocked. If no list blocking is the ads you can block the relevant domains manually.

I don’t think Blokada blocks calls. There has been a similar report however.

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