Does blokada stop phone calls?

Using blokada 5 Android Samsung S21. Has been working fine for years.

I added an esim to S21 and now it doesn’t work sometimes. What I mean the physical sim can make/receive calls/txt, the esim can make but not receive. It’s like the phone is turned off. But then sometimes it works again.
But not reliable so I can’t easily check.

Is it possible blokada can interfere with calls on the esim?
I did try once, i can’t call my esim. Turned blokada off, I could call it. But turn blokada on again and it still worked again.

Just trying to rule out things.

Hi there,

Thanks for posting, I believe that it’s something related to your Samsung device.

Please try to contact your phone company or Samsung’s customer support.

I tested with blokada on and off

I think something makes Samsung esim go to sleep - and it’s hard to wake up - even if you call from it

and I don’t think blokada is related.

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