iOS 13.6.1 Blokada works with one cellular network but blocks the other one completely

Hello guys,
I’ve been using Blokada for a couple of days on my iPhone 11 with the latest official iOS 13.6.1. It works great with any of the wi-fi networks that I connect to and also 2 different physical sim cards that I have: 3 Network (UK), Play (Poland). Two days ago I got myself an Orange sim card and activated it as an e-sim. And this one is completely blocked by Blokada. The moment I switch Blokada on, the cellular network from the e-sim stops working completely but if I activate the physical sim’s cellular network, whether it’s Play or Three, it works just fine. Is it some sort of a problem with the e-sim or does it have something to do with Blokada itself? It’d be great to have it working on both networks while using dual-sim. Thanks

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Good news, this bug has been fixed recently.
We’re waiting for Apple to approve the release, expecting it to be out in a couple of days.

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Fantastic! Thank you very much for all the work and a quick response.

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Just updated to 5.0.7 and all my cellular networks are working great and ads are blocked as well. Thank you again!

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Awesome. Good timing for you to find the issue just as it got fixed :slightly_smiling_face: