iOS 15.1 update


I have noticed yesterday that since I have updated iOS to 15.1 on my iphone 13pro max some apps dropping connection when blokada is on. Voi for example, it is loading up and will show a location where you are and so on, but wont show anything Voi related, such as available scooters, or if you try to unlock one it will say that there is a problem from their side(voi). Once you switch off blokada voi will come back to life.
Another example is hermes app, it wont scan for a collection points on map using device location, seems like app understands where you are but cant reply with results, saying there is temporary problem asking to come back later. And again, when you switch off blokada it will come back to life.
Ebay app wasn’t able to produce me anything from my account today until blokada was disabled, but is okay now.
I am not using any blocking lists etc, just as is from the box. It was okay, before 15.1 patch. Is it just me?

Quick update,

Ebay playing up.

Many thanks in advance.

Hi there,
apple changed architecture that breaks adblocking for some sources. it may work for you because it depends on which apps you’re using. Unluckily there’s nothing we can do regarding that from our side. Blokada Cloud is the only solution we can offer due to these architecture changes because that does not depend on iOS

Fair enough, thanks for a quick reply.

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