No Internet access while connected to Blokada+ (iOS 15 Public Beta)

Since updating to iOS 15 public beta, I noticed that Internet access is unavailable while connected to Blokada+.

I have checked other possibilities to confirm that only being connected to Blokada+ through the app is causing this:

Changing DNS servers
Changing VPN server location
Deactivating lists (using OISD and DDG Tracker Radar)
Reinstalling Blokada

Using Blokada+ through the WireGuard app works at the moment as well as only using Blokada as a blocker.

Device: iPhone XR
OS: iOS 15, Public Beta 1 (19A5281j)

Had the same issue myself and found it to be a deal breaker even for someone who likes testing stuff out. I hope it’s fixable and Apple didn’t do something to kill adblockers. Downgraded to ios 14.7 beta which fixed some VPN issues compared to 14.6.

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