Description of "Keep alive" and "Ping networks" settings?

I’m using Blokada Cloud 6.1.0 on Android 12. So far, except for the occasional app/page that fails to load, requiring a new exception, the experience has been extremely positive.

I do have a question about two advanced settings under “This device” → Advanced:

  • Keep alive
  • Ping networks

Can you explain what these do, and why one would want to set them to “Yes”?


– Dave


This features enables or disables the foreground blokada service.
It’s off by default since there seems to be a connection between that and increased battery usage.

Network detection on android has been a mess in the past (and probably still is). This feature has been implemented to ping your current network as soon as your network changes. Its an old “trick”. It might still work on certain devices.
Nothing else happens.

Thanks for the excellent explanation.

– Dave

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