App is turning off or stops working

I downloaded version 4.7 from the website. Ever since its installed I’ve noticed that it randomly turns off or doesn’t work. I have checked and I’ve made sure that it is allowed to run in the background of Android 10, I’ve also made sure the settings to tell it to always stay on, or keep alive.

I know I can’t be the only person experiencing this. I’m running on a note 9 with Android 10.

Did you already check this post? :slight_smile:

I did, that’s the fist i read and made sure the app was always on in the background, and jelly alive in the settings.

Thanks for asking, though.

Did you check as well? :slight_smile:

I just checked it out and that gave me an idea. I went ahead and added Blokada to the list of apps not to put to sleep. But I don’t understand why I have to do that now, it’s only been doing that with this updated release.

That’s been my frustration, why is it that it goes into hibernation or sleep if my screen is been off for a while, it’s never done that previous versions.


I have a galaxy s10, Android 10 device and the latest version of blokada works for me (it’s also not added to apps not to put to sleep)

Could u explain what u mean by this? I think u mean keep alive?

And for further clarification (I know this may be frustrating so bear with me please)
do you have Private DNS off in ur phone settings?

Another thing you can do is set blokada to be the “always on vpn” in ur connection settings.

It should be “keep alive”.

All I can say is that I’ve never had to make any of these changes to previous versions of this app on Android 10. Having rooted and played with phones in the past, every phone will act different. Plus, you have a different model than I do.

I’m still baffled as to why Blokada suddenly requires me to make all these settings changes.

Hmm sorry you have to tinker with ur phone a bit to get blokada to work. I know of another user in telegram that has a Note 9, Android 10 and as far as I know blokada is working fine for that person (he hasn’t shown up in a little while though).

This is recommended/required for all phones, not just Samsung. Is it off on ur phone?

This is specifically recommended for Samsung devices, if you look in brand specific information. Again, each device works differently for each person, so not all Samsung devices need this option checked.

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