Blokada is paused by Android 10

I went to use my phone and found Blockada was paused. Android then resumed the app as soon as I opened it. So in the meantime, it wasn’t blocking anything. On another phone I have which runs Android 8.1.1, it continues to run, and is not paused. In other words, it is running in the background blocking things as it is supposed to. The OS does not pause it. But on Android 9, 10, and 11, it gets paused. How do I stop this?

Hi there, have you disabled battery optimization for Blokada? Which version are you using? Also what brand is your device?


I have figured it out.

Would you mind sharing the solution?


I have an LG phone, and under “Battery” is a setting known as Adaptive battery, shutting or disabling this resolved the problem.


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