Blokada v5 stops

Blokada 5 is ridiculously erratic and shutting down in the background and trying to start again.
Yeah then that weird behavior somehow-not at all sure how-started causing adguard to randomly start itself up and I have not used adguard in like a year.
I have battery optimization off, I have nothing trying to kill background processes. If anything It should be showing a crabs dialogue since I have that set to always show in developer options.

Also I cannot transfer it to the ad card and it’s about 200 mb. It always says not enough storage which is wrong.

I have just switched back to adguard instead. Since on my a20 it’s only use for me is blocking in game ads and it’s unreliable for me.

Here you go: Blokada stops to function/work after a while

Blokada v5 is made to be used with the always on vpn functionality of android


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