Bypassed App, still notworking due to VPN


This application refuses to start even though it’s already marked as bypassed. Please assist in providing an update on solving this matter.
Thanks and regards,


May I ask what blocklists you’re currently using ?

Energized (Ultimate).
Steven Black (Unified).
Goodbye Ads (Standard).
AdAway (Standard).
Blacklist (Adservers) by anudeepND
The Block List Project (Ads, Facebook, Malware, Phishing and Tracking).
hBlock (Standard).
Dan Poloock’s Hosts (Standard).
1Hosts Lite (Wildcards).
d3Host (Standard).

Yeah, it’s what I thought, you’re using too many blocklists and some of these blocklists are very aggressive.

I’d recommend using only OISD at first, to see if the issue is resolved, then slowly build on top of it and keep experimenting.

I’ll be here if you need further assistance.

Even OISD, no success to start using that application without VPN error.

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