Feedback regarding v5.10.1


Resuming VPN on app launch, obnoxious since version 4, so for reference/administration, it will kill any current VPN. Urgent News: Blokada is the only VPN app on mobile that does that.

Android VPN doesnt disable after Blokada turn-off, until Blokada is force stopped.

Network named “18” in my list, never seen that locally.

Blah DNS does not work.

Anuderp Blacklist has not been updated in 3 months.

Activity search. Typing text and switching function, returning to Activity maintains the results of the previous search. To reset, spacebar then X to delete.

Blokada DNS blocks thisvid, xhamster, youjizz, smutr from loading properly. Not an uncensored DNS, it may lead to misdirected troubleshooting. Add-on, browser config, website janky today, Blokada off, OK so is it this blocklist, that blocklist?

Clear Activity logs clears, and upon restart of app still shows activity.

Three of four Notifications are Urgent, and blocklist Highlights, lol “simpler.”

“This request has been blocked” by what?

Blocklist sort option by count of entries. So that if it blocks too much, downgrade, if it doesn’t block enough, upgrade.

Blocklist Active total count of entries.

Keep Alive stays on Yes on re-launch after force stop.

Redirect links to External browser (is impossible).

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Thanks for the heads up! We’ll look into this and possibly look for alternatives.

That’s… Weird. Could you share a log with us?

We’ve removed BlahDNS as stated in this announcement :slight_smile:

Blokada DNS isn’t censoring anything. Unluckily I cannot tell you which blocklists might cause these issues.

What exactly do you mean by that? The clearing doesn’t stop collecting activities.

Please describe this to me a little more in detail. Which notifications are you referring to?

Where do you see this?

I cannot follow you here…

Explain this a little more please

That’s implemented for exactly this purpose on some devices.

What do you mean by that?

After all: Good feedback. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:
Consider trying v5.11 for the newest changes. Feel free to contribute ideas in the “Other discussion” tab in the future :smiley:
Enjoy your day

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I think maybe the blocklist entry count could mean how big the list is. It’s possible to see how many within the logs though but nothing to see in the UI. Maybe they want something similar to ublock origin with number of entries as a sub heading for each blocklist.

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I can confirm blokada must be activated and always on vpn must be switched on again after every reboot. Android 9 blokada 5x. Those sites that Are being blocked probably because many porn sites contain malware links.

And which device are we talking about? Please share an issue description and a log with