Blokade 6 goes on/ off

Moto G82 5g, Android 13, Blokade 6 version 24.1.2

Since 2-3 months Blokade toggles a few times during the day between active and non active status. Notification icon top left set to be visible, but does not alert non active status. Only by opening the App, I can see if Blokade is active yes or no. Sometimes I have to restore purchase to make Blokade active again. Irritating.

Please advice.

Hey there,

Thanks for reporting this, can you please share your log via to be able to take a closer look at this?

Happy to send you the log, but where can I find this log?

Same thing happens to me, Samsung s23. Only notice it when I start seeing ads again

Hey @Fred_H and @CryptedKrypt ,

I wanted to ask if you guys are using multiple devices at the same time with the same Blokada account.

Yes I am actually, I have it on my partners phone. I just wanna make note that I don’t have to restore purchase to use it again… I just pull down from the top to access the quick buttons. I see that blokada is active (on), but when I open the app, it’s actually off. Hope this helps in any way!

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This seems like it’s related to an issue we are currently solving if you are using Blokada on multiple devices with the same account, “enabling” & “disabling” Blokada on one device will affect all the others.

I’ll share more updates here oncen I hear from the team.

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