Blokada stops all pages from loading

no pages loading with blokada on,
disabling Private DNS did not help.
With all browsers, no data savers enabled, no energy savers, standard DNS or any one from blokada list, no page loading, happens on Mobile and WiFi ,Xiaomi 9T, MIUI GLOBAL 11.0.5,. used blokada versions since long, never any issues before…

downloaded from GitHub
all browsers cache cleared
deinstalled and reinstalled blokada

Are you “just” facing issues with browsers or all apps in general?

Hi, seems to happen with all apps.

But now only problems on WiFi, mobile data works again with blokada enabled.
(deinstalled and reinstalled blokada again this morning)

Got it running now.
Problem was :
settings ( at MIUI 11), VPN, Konfiguration, “permanent active VPN” was switched on.
after switching “permanent” off, blokada works fine

That’s… Unusual.
Thanks for letting us know