Blokada On Google Play Isn't Updated To Version 5.10

So I’ve had this problem where the blokada slim version on google play isn’t updating. I know that the patch update was released a few days ago, but google play still says it offers only version 5.9. Is this intentional?

Simply ditch the play version and install blokada from
That’s much more reliable and up to date.
Google takes time

I cant because for some reason i cant download from

Please describe the issue.
What is happening?

Its saying that i cant open the apk file

I use chromeOS

And i tried blokada 4 too, for older devices, but it still said it couldnt open/run the file

Hello @SpeedAchieved, try:

Is there any reason given?

It works. Thanks!

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I tried running ver 4 because I thought maybe it was that my device was too old to run ver 5.10

Nice :wink: