Blokada not bloking anything on my device. I have downloaded and installed latest beta and all the applications showing ads. I have enabled all the filters in the list

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I found out why Blokada 5.4 is not working: If I use WiFi the data is routed via the blokada VPN (I can see all requests in the activity view) but if I switch to mobile data the vpn is no longer used for Chrome at least. I can see some requests of some apps in the activity view but no, none, zero from Chrome.

I still don’t know what’s the cause of this behavior. Blokada 5.2 works always. Data saver in Chrome is disabled.

Try Blockada V4, I had problems on my Oppo with v5:

Edit: VPN is still connected on mobile data, but not used. I dont have the “always on” and “force” options in VPN. Maybe you changed something related to routing priority or energy optimization?

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