Blokada 5 on Android blocks Samsung Messenger media

My configuration is as follows but it has been happening for a while so not limited to Blokada or Messenger versions.

Blokada 5 v23.1.10
Samsung A10e
Android 11
Samsung Messenger v12.2.22.1

I have tried a number of block lists but am currently using Energized and Exodus Privacy as well as a manually adding a number of blocked exceptions to pick up the missed ads.

Basically the issues is that Samsung Messenger will take forever to upload or download media (images, gif, etc). If I disable Blokada the content seems to transfer immediately. I may be blocking it with my personal excluded list or with the two standard block lists. I’ve been running Blokada on various phones for years and don’t recall this being an issue in the past. I have gotten more aggressive with my personal excluded list recently, but it was cleared a few months ago and I don’t recall it making much difference.

Is there a known server that I need to manually allow? I tried disabling Blokada to see if it would show up after transferring a file but nothing showed up. I’m not sure of another approach to locate the server to allow or if perhaps this is something within Blokada I don’t have control over?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

I should also add that I also tried adding the Messenger app to the do not filter list of apps. So far the only thing that let’s the app send/receive media is to disable Blokada.


I notice that you are using Blokada 5, have you tried bypassing Samsung Messenger media by going to the advanced tab → apps → and adding to allowed apps?

Yes I have added Messenger to the app list. It does not seem to do anything though. If I send an image it will just sit there indefinitely (sometimes it eventually sends but no clear reason for delay). If i disable Blokada the file immediately sends.

I can provide a log if there is anything useful that would be captured.

yes please do at

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