Blokada 5.7 will not open upon upgrade install on Android 10

Tried to update today on prompt. Cannot now open Blokada. Only option was to revert to a new 4.9 install, which fortunately still has the same functionality. Please continue the 4.x upgrades whilst v5 is still a beta though! Cannot revert to 5.6, working previously but which now will not install either.
Phone is Doogee S40 running Android 10. Cannot open Blokada so not possible to obtain log within app. Irritating with my ongoing subscription to Blokada Plus. I realise though this is the point of the beta to find out about incompatibilities! (Android 10 phone is set to allow install of unknown apps through both blokada, for upgrades, and chrome for new installs) .

4.9 installed successfully, so fortunately no loss of functionality. But disappointing that latest 5.7 update seems incompatible with latest Android 10 at least on my phone ! Upgrade worked with no problems on this second phone running Android 8 though which clearly lulled me into a false sense of security!! Both phones running same apps otherwise, so must be an operating system incompatibility, I assume.
Regards, Mervyn.

Did you try reinstalling v5?

Yep, I cannot now install any version 5. Same error. No settings changed.

Before attempted upgrade, v5.6 was running OK. After unsuccessful upgrade though it wouldn’t open.
Removed from apps list, but v5 wouldn’t reinstall, only v4.9 would. V4.9 seems to be running OK so I can stick with that, hopefully.

You say v5 has been removed but has it actually been uninstalled? Maybe there’s something left behind, stopping a new installation.

Yep. Thought of that! Sadly I can’t get root to do a proper job, but ran both Norton Clean and SD Maid pro with usage access anyway to clean up any junk (said 375MB odd) , but it makes no difference. Still a no-go with any v5 Blokada install!

What is the best junk-remainder removal option to clean up the remnants of Blokada 5?

I’m really starting to think that this is a system incompatibility with Android 10, as neither of the latest 5.7 nor 4.10 will install. Android have unsurprisingly beefed up their security against what they see as rogue apps. Learned my lesson! Maybe it is better to keep to the established and stripped down versions of Chrome/Firefox/Tor, than the over-ambitious all-singing all-dancing temptations of Blokada (and why there is no competition, or demand !) For the time being I’ve reverted to the balance of my PIA subscription. (Perhaps sadly) the American Corporation win again, over the best intentions of the smartest one-man band!!

Sorry but I am a bit aggrieved, because I believe that if you’re asking people to pay double the price of a professional subscription like PIA (for Blokada Plus) you do have some sort of a duty of care to provide a utility that is capable of working as promoted (for Android 10). Otherwise it just looks like a scam, at least to me.

There’s not a single company out there which is able to provide bug free applications.
There simply isn’t.
All we can do is try to assist you.
Android 10 isn’t as universal as you might think. Every phone producer adapts it to its device hence there’s EMUI on huawei and miui on xiaomi for example. You’re phone seems to be a niche device so that’s what can make universal support even more challenging.
Additionally: Only blokada Plus is payed. The adblocking capabilities are free of charge.
If you want to you could share a log with us privately in PMs or with an issue description at Screenshots of the issue would be helpful as well


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