Blokada 5.11.0 on Android Can't DIsable Blocklist

I installed 5.11.0 on my stock Verizon Samsung device recently - soon after it was released in beta. I’m the vanguard for my group so I’ve been testing ahead of the curve. I ran across something that definitely isn’t correct but I’m not 100% certain it doesn’t also happen with older version. I think I may have run into this earlier.

The issue is with enabling and, specifically, disabling blocklists. I pull up the Blocklists view and select the Active tab then toggle one of the lists off. The control toggles to the grey “off” state but isn’t being removed from the list. If I exit the app and return, the entry is still in the Active list and still enabled. If I reboot the phone after toggling one of the blocklists off, it’s still there when I reboot.

Since I’ve been testing and messing around, I have too many lists enabled. I wonder if something in one of the lists I have enabled is getting in the way.

Related… I have been trying to disable the block lists because I’ve been getting little transient “No Internet Connection” (I think) messages appear occasionally since I upgraded to 5.11. I get them on wifi and cellular networks where I know there’s not an Internet access issue. I suspect the blocklists I have enabled are somehow interfering with the phone’s “am I connected” logic or something like that.

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