Blockada 5 - Blocks all network. traffic

I am running Blokada 5 (22.3.7) on my Pixel 4a with Android 13.

I installed Blokada directly from the website (APK).

A few times a day, Blokada blocks all network traffic (the apps cannot connect to the internet, browser pages give network errors, etc).

Besides waiting a few minutes, the other way to correct it is to “Deactivate/Activate” Blokada. I have determined the problem is indeed Blokada, because as soon as I deactivate it, networking comes back.

This problem is similar to what was discussed in these posts:

Which were all closed without a solution. I have cleared cached and data, reinstalled the app, and still the same.

Thank you!


Please try to use your network DNS to see if the issue is still coming up.

The way to do that is to go to the advanced tab → Networks → Choose your network or “all networks” → Click on “Prefer Network DNS”

That should help but let me know if it doesn’t

I’ve had a similar issue with Blokada 5 (22.3.7) in recent days on Blackview BV8800, where I’ll suddenly lose connectivity until I turn off Blokada and then reactivate it. Once that is done things will be fine for a day or two, then it would happen again.

Please share log at once it happens again, we’ll be able to investigate further.

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