Blokada 5.8 Plus blocks outgoing traffic after wake up phone for a short period

I’m using Blokada 5.8 plus since last week on my Pixel 4a. When I want to use my phone, the outgoing internet is blocked for about 30-40 seconds after power on (wake up) (wifi and 4G). After this period, internet is working fine. Incoming messages are always working (phone standby).

On my Tab 4S I don’t have this “issue”

Blokada active, encrypting dns on, connected through vpn, blocklist use Developer Dan’s Hosts (Ads & tracking / Facebook) All networks Encript DNS, DNS digital courage and dns always on, keep alive yes

What am I missing here?

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Unfortunately I have no solution, but I have the exactly same issue on my 4a. I was poking around in the VPN, DNS and battery settings with no luck…

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Guys, please send a log to me ( regarding this issue. You share log from the top right icon in the app.

Logfile send

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