Android 5.4.0 blocks all data when wifi is off

Using Blokada 5.4.0 on Android 11 on a Pixel 3 (stock rom). Downloaded from

When I disconnect from Wifi, Blokada blocks all data. If I deactivate Blokada, everything works fine (just without any ad blocking).

I have Private DNS turned off in phone settings.

I’m using Cloudflare DNS and the Energized blocklist. Really nothing outside stock Blokada settings.

I’m almost always on wifi, so I rarely notice this. I don’t think it was a problem using Blokada 4.

Hello, are you using the DoH version of Cloudflare or standard? If not you can enable it in Advanced > This Device > DNS over HTTPS.

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I tried it and it works! But it slows down every request about 2-7 seconds, which seems less than ideal.

Hmm… Maybe try a different DoH DNS provider?

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