Auto disabled on iPadOS 16.3.1

Hi everyone,

Blokada for iOS/iPadOS seems doesn’t work correctly on my iPad (9th, iPadOS 16.3.1), because the app is always deactivating itself.

To be more specific, every time I check the app, Blokada always shows that it’s deactivated, although I already turned it on and make sure everything has been configured correctly and works perfectly (even the DNS option in VPN, DNS & Device Management setting). I did try to reinstall Blokada on the App Store but nothing gets better.

This problem doesn’t happen on my iPhone 8 (iOS 16.3.1), whether I close the app in App Switcher or not.

I think the only way to force Blokada to work for me is turn on the VPN option (Select location). But the thing is, I kinda don’t want to turn on VPN all the time and some apps doesn’t allow access via VPN either.

Is there any workaround for this? Pleaseeeee help me :frowning:


Could you please share the log for when this happens so that we can see if there’s any hints of why this is?


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