Blokada is not turning off

Hi there
I’m experiencing problems since the last update with the iOS app.
My problem is that the ad block feature won’t turn off if I turn off the app it still runs in the background and the app gets stuck. So I try to close the app and restart it and when I do the app shows please wait and I can’t turn it on nor off it’s stuck in a loop and the only way to fix it is when I delete the app every time and reinstall “very annoying”. I’ve been having blockades premium for few years and everything was well but something is broken now please fix it thx

Hi, it may be that the VPN profile got stuck. Please try to remove it the following way:

System Settings app → VPN → Blokada (tap the info icon) → Delete VPN

Then go to Blokada app again and try to activate it by tapping the big power button.

If this won’t help and you still get an error, please then tap the help icon in top right, and Share log. Send it to, and we will have a look at what’s going on.

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