I'm not able to activate them

Can someone help me

I’m having the same issue on iOS & iPadOS.

Not remotely a coder, but I would guess from the logs that it’s freaking out whenever it tries to locate some files?

As it stands I don’t have control over which blockers I can turn on and off. However, when I toggle the app on in the main page, the adblock & vpn are still functioning.

I love duckduckgo, but it is such a pain to not be able to toggle it off when I need to. Hopefully it will be fixed soon? Will post my log below.

edit: emailed log to blokada

I had Blokada 6 Cloud and I upgraded to blokada plus and this issue started before was OK.i don’t know what happened

We’ve had some trouble with the blocklists, everything is back working fine now. You may need to swipe close the app and start it again. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Thank you now is all is good but there is any new update? I mean for wpn will you add more city’s and country? :+1::wave:

We’re slowly growing our VPN network not to undermine its quality and reliability.
New gateways will be added but there’s no ETA on that.

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