Whitelist/bypass apps and sites on iOS app?

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  6. From Apple App Store

  7. iPhone 12 Pro Max on iOS 14.7 no modifications

  8. Is there a way to bypass apps like streaming services on the iOS app? Currently I have to pause or turn Blokada off to access some sites and apps.

  9. Since I got the iPhone last week

  10. I Googled some stuff

Could you please let us know what sites and apps you have problems with. Also, what block lists have you switched on?

Oh man there are lots. Pretty much any streaming service like HBO Max and Netflix, I had trouble syncing email accounts/calendars on my new phone, Facebook web page won’t let me sign in with it on (I don’t use the app), my wireless carrier app won’t load with it enabled. Several web pages wouldn’t let me sign in or sign up with it enabled, even things like restaurant online ordering pages (not Doordash et. al).

As for lists I’m using OISD, Energized Blu, and Phishing Army, but I don’t really know what I’m doing there.

Lots of these quirks occurred on my Android but I could at least bypass them if needed.

Thanks for your reply and help!

Right, no problems from the lists you have active, at least.

A few more questions for you, is Blokada + activated? Also, please try a different option for DNS in settings->encryption & dns, see if it fixes a few things or not.

Blokada+ is enabled most of the time and I’ve tried Blokada, Cloudflare and Google DNS. I haven’t really noticed if one is better than the others. Some logins won’t even work with Blokada+ paused for 5 min feature. I have to switch it completely off then forget to switch it back on.

Ah, there’s the problem! Using some services with Blokada+ is a problem at times as it works like a normal VPN service and some of these services deliberately block VPN IPs.
It may also be the VPN location, try selecting another one, see if that improves things.

Yup I get that part. I’ve tried Dallas and New York and LA and they’re all the same results. Dallas seems to be the fastest although it’s twice the distance from me as NY.

On the Android app, there was an option in the settings to add apps to a whitelist so they’d bypass the VPN as if it were turned off. There doesn’t seem to be such an option on the iOS app, so I have to open Blokada and turn it completely off while I use whichever service and then go back into Blokada and turn the VPN back on.

Is there an option to do bypass apps in iOS, or do I need to turn it off manually every time?

Thanks again for your help!

Unluckily that is not added yet. Adding that is not as simple as on android. That might still need some time.

Alright well that settles it then, thank you! I’m sure Apple is not as easy to work with as Android but I appreciate what you do, thanks!

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