Android: Error during Update (22.3.8)


Today in Play Store an Update for Blokada to Version 22.3.8 came Up. But the Update process doesn’t succeed. It Always end Up Like this:

I run Blokada 5 Slim on my OnePlus Nord 2 with Android 11. I use Blokada from the Play Store.

What i can See is, that during Update process the local VPN Connection is dropped (the Key Symbol from the upper Screen disappears). The Error Message from the Screenshot appears directly Afterwards.


PS: sorry for the Mixed Case typing. Its hard to write english with German autocorrection.

Blokada Slim and Blokada 22.4.1 are not the same apps, so to be able to update to the new version, you may need to uninstall Blokada Slim and install Blokada FROM OUR WEBSITE.

Thanks for reporting this. We have discovered a problem that makes this update fail to finish in some cases. I’m releasing another build as we speak, please give it a few days to show up on Google Play and then try again. Thank you for your patience.

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Hello Guys,

Thanks for having an eye in this.
I can commit that the Update disappeared from Play Store today.

I Look forward for the new Version in some days.


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