I cannot install an update, what can I do?

First of all, please check if the Android version you have is 5 or newer. Android 4 and older versions are not supported in Blokada 3.0 and newer versions. To do it, go to the Settings of your phone, scroll to About phone and search for Android version

If your phone runs Android 5 or newer, please ensure you try to install the update from the same source that you installed Blokada initially. Different repositories add their signature keys and therefore the update may fail.

Restart your device. It sounds strange, but sometimes it helps. If that didn’t solve the issue, uninstall Blokada and install it again.

What is more, if you installed your app from F-Droid, you will not be able to update it from another channel (like our website). The reason is that the app from the F-Droid store is signed by F-Droid, while the app from our website is signed by us.