Blokada App does not install - neither from website nor from F-Droid - Android LineageOS

I have a problem when installing Blokada on my Android phone.
Official Lineage OS rooted Android 10 - Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Exynos

I tried installing different v5.x versions of the app directly from the website and from F-Droid, also the beta.
It looks like it is installing the app like usual with all kinds of apk-files, but instead of telling me the app was installed it tells me the app was not installed.

Installing Blokada 5 from F-Droid does not work either. I get the following error:
Error -8: The new package has requested a shared user which is already installed on the device and does not have matching signature.

Previously version 4.9 from F-Droid was installed on the device. And this is the only version that will install on it.

Of course I know, before installing Blokada from the website, I have to uninstall the previously installed version from F-Droid. Even after rebooting the device nothing changes.
I looked it up many many times. Even when there is no Blokada installed on the device due to previous uninstallation, it does not let me install Blokada 5.

The problem has existed since before Blokada 5 existed, back then I didn’t want to wait for the update of the app to be published in F-Droid, so I downloaded the apk from the official website, but it didn’t install.

Thank you for any help!

That’s a pretty common issue with LOS on some devices. Check for leftover files and try to get rid of them. You might as well use SD Maid or something that’s similarly aggressive to do so.
Unluckily there’s no golden solution I know of

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Maybe you use multi-users? You’d need to uninstall from all users.

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