Blokada no more blocking ads

Recently blokada does not block ads on many app.

I am using android 10 (xiaomi redmi note 7)

Blokada version 4.14

Moreover, I can’t install blokada 5

Thank you for attention.

Try using blokada 5, if you can’t install, maybe is your phone storage is less.

I can’t install version 5 (whatever the version: 5.10, 5.12, 5.13…) At the end of the install process, the warning is: “installation failed” No reason is given.

As for the storage: 20Gb/32Gb… Does blokada 5 need more than 12Gb free?

Try restarting your phone.

Done… And no change

I tried another installer and it gives some reason why blokada 5 cannot be installed, but I do not understand what it means:

“App installation failed, the new package is requested a shared user which is already installed on this device and does not have a matching signature.”

What can I do?

Thanks for any advice (and solution, I hope!)

Try Reading the post, maybe it will help. They have the same problem too.

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