Unable to update to blokada5-android.v5.23.1.10

Android 11 tablet 2GB RAM with blokada/22.3.8 (android-30 five release armabi-v7a)
Android 8.1 phone 2GB RAM with blokada/22Q3F (android-27 five release armabi-v7a)
each offered Blokada update the other day. Both devices have factory ROM.
After downloading the update, the installation seems to resume normal until almost done, then a popup says: App not installed

In each case I retried update by going into Blokada Settings →This Device → Blokada 5: Official Channel → Download

Additional Oddity: after opening Blokada from the launcher and accessing Settings, I get a popup:

A problem occurred. Make sure you are online and try again later. If the problem persistst, …
(debug info: Api request failed)

Both devices are online and other apps depending on online connection are working just fine.

Phone free memory: 333MB
After selecting Download a popup flashes up: Processing - please wait and then Blokada crashes and I am back on my home screen.

Tablet free memory: 920MB
Here the download completes and I can Install this application. Only it didn’t. The result as before: App not installed

Previous Blokada updates on both devices just worked.

In each case I also manually downloaded blokada5-android.v5.23.1.10.apk from Blokada - the popular mobile adblocker and VPN for Android and iOS and had the Android installer try to apply the update, but ended up with the same App not installed result as before.

Here I am at the end of my wits.
Any ideas?


Thank you for reporting this, we are aware of this issue and working on fixing it as we speak.

More updates coming on this thread.

Hi Reda,
thanks for your reply.

Good to know that it’s an issue with the latest apk and not with my devices :slight_smile:

For what it’s worth, updating another Android 8.1 2GB RAM phone in the meantime, which was on Blokada 5 v23.1.2, succeeded without any issues.

Then I just can lean back and wait for your fixed update to become available. :slight_smile:

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