Allowed sites seem to be blocked

I use the DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar blocklist. I’ve added to the allowed list, but it seems that it is still blocked.

Is this a known issue?

I use Blokada 6, version 23.4.36 on Android
Downloaded from Google Play Store
Samsung Galaxy S21+


This is an isolated issue, curious, what is “” exactly?

AH is one of the larger supermarkets in The Netherlands. They have a mobile app where you can browse their products, create your groceries shopping list, etc. is what their mobile app uses to fetch the pictures of all the products they are offering.

I’ve added it to the allowed list as well, and still it’s being blocked by Blokada DNS.

As an aside: not a Blokada issue, but it is annoying how often valid domains are added to the DuckDuckGo tracker list.

Have you tried using another VPN endpoint location. I experience problems for some sites. Switching the location helps in most cases.

I would recommend trying to disable the DuckDuckGo tracker list and see if that solves the issue.

Sometimes you’ll need to bypass more than one entry for the app to work and it’s difficult to know which ones should be bypassed.

So the best solution here is to disable a few blocklists and see which ones are causing this.

I hope this helps!

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Agreed, that it sometimes needs more than one entry to allow an app to work.

However that is not the case here. Here we have the issue that even though has been added to “Allowed” it continues to be blocked by Blokada. See screenshots.

(weird, had to manually convert my .png to .jpg for it to be displayed correctly here)

It will take a while until the setting is applied. Stopping and restarting Blokada speeds things up.
Still there is the option to test another endpoint.

Thanks Guido for explaning where the url is used for!
When I disable the DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar blocklist, the site is available.

I have another example of a site that is blocked by the DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar blocklist, but is allowed by me: (used by Office 365). But now it is blocked.

This used to work, because this url has been on the allowed list for some time. The same goes for
So looks like something has changed in the Blokada application or blocklist?

For now I will disable DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar blocklist.

Thanks for mentioning this as well, it seems like it’s not an isolated issue.

Are you experiencing this with any other Blocked or Allowed entries?

@Motrimes @Guido this was fixed by the team.

Can you guys check and let me know if it’s working now?

@Reda_Labdaoui A couple of hours ago it wasn’t working, but I just checked again and now it does work. Thank you!

BTW what was the problem? It was kind of strange to see that this was so specific to this domain.


Thanks for confirming!

The issue would happen for all domains which contained CNAME records that in turn were present in the blocklist.

For example points to which in turn is blocked in the DDG list, for these cases your custom exception would not be respected where it should have been.

I appreciate the feedback and detailed examples you provided, keep it coming!

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Yes, works like a charm again. Thanks for fixing it!